Band Members Bio



Eddie Joe grew up on a farm in western N.Y state.He learned to play harmonica from his mother. Learned to play guitar from his Big Brother Harvey And chords From his neice Penny jo. and joined his first band when in high school. Served 8 years in the United States Navy. Played country music in every port of call including Hawaii,Phillippines,Singapore,Africa,Australia,canada and Mexico.After a honerable discharge from the Navy moved to Phoenix Arizona. Eddie has performed in country and bluegrass bands most of his life. He now plays several instruments including Harmonica, Guitar,Dobro,Mandolin,Pedal Steel Guitar.  A prolific songwriter that has written well over 250 songs which some have been recorded by other artists including Steve Hill in Nashville and Ray St. Germain who is in the Canadian Country Music Hall Of Fame. Eddie joe formed The Eddie Joe Clark Band more than a decade ago. The Eddie Joe Clark Band has been nominated for outlaw country group of the year in nashville 2016,2017,2018,2019 at the josie music awards. Eddie Joe  has over come many obsticles and has  reached many goals only possible with the best band he has ever had.. The Eddie Joe Clark Band continues to woo audiences all around the state of Arizona..and now Western New York State.  Look for them in a town near you...